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About Kubuni MP

[koo-boo-knee] Swahili

n. design

I’ve always had an eye for beauty and a passion for style. I started my business with one goal in mind: to help create beautiful and functional spaces for clients where they can live, work, entertain and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

My portfolio shows the scope of my work: from commercial spaces to private homes, from urban condos to landscape design. I’m a great communicator and will always listen to hear your ideas before suggesting mine. Contact me today so we can start working together soon!

To learn more about my background and the services I provide, keep browsing through my site. If you’re interested in booking a service or working together, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



[oo-boon-too]  Zulu

n. the belief that we are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others.

We're all blessed with certain gifts or talents, and when we share our gifts to improve the lives of others is when we truly fulfill our life's purpose.


In 2020 I formed a 501(c)3 non profit charitable organization called One Check Away, Inc. (OCAI) designed to provide sustainable education, healthcare and economic resources to marginalized communities.

Marrying my passion for design and my commitment to serving my community is the premise by which Kubuni by Michelle Paul was founded. Therefore, Kubuni by MP donates 50% of design and style service profits to support the philanthropic initiatives of OCAI. 


Many have asked how they can help and so I invite you also to learn more about One Check Away, Inc. and how your talents can make a tremendous difference in those literally one check away from better future. All donations are most appreciated and tax deductible. 

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