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Outdoor Pillow Covers You'll Want to Use Inside

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

So pretty you won't believe they're outdoor pillow covers, get ready to decorate your front porch, patio, deck or lanai in pillow covers that'll keep you in style and within budget.

Between us, I must confess I've been known to have a little pillow talk every now and then. Occasionally it's about something juicy and other times it's random stuff that my husband has absolutely no interest in, like pillow covers.

Fortunately, there's an entire community of us like-minded kubuni friends who, in our own corny way, find pillow talk fascinating. So of course I'm excited to share with you the skinny on these very pretty outdoor pillow covers that have both the quality and look of #custom pillows but not the price. However before I give up the deets, let me be clear about one thing.

I am not an ambassador, nor do I receive compensation or discounts from this or any company featured in my blogs. The opinions expressed here are truly my own and are based upon my own experiences with the product: good, bad or ugly.

Now with that out of the way, get your card ready to scan because I can promise you will want to buy these pillow covers made by Hofdeco and here's 5 reasons why:

1. Water Repellent, Mold and Fade Resistant which is pretty much everything you've always wanted in an outdoor pillow cover but couldn't get without spending a small fortune. As a matter of fact I can personally attest to it's ability to withstand all of the aforementioned especially through the harsh weather conditions in the Low Country. Seasonal summer rains, full direct sun and extreme #humidity without #mold, #mildew or #fading. during the past three years has solidified its rightful place in the outdoor pillow market. Worth noting, they are not #Sunbrella but rather a very durable canvas material.

Print on Both Sides of the Pillow - yep you read that right, both sides. 🤗 When you double the print, you double the fun! The type of fabric and/or design can make pillow covers very #expensive; and unfortunately, those are usually one-faced (meaning the pattern is only on one side of the pillow). OTH two-faced pillow covers are a sign customization and luxury. Now you may ask why does this matter. It matters because much like open concepts inside of homes, all outdoor spaces are open concept giving 360 degree views of settees. I think it's so much nicer to be able to see prints on both sides of the pillow no matter where you are standing outside, be it you're looking from the #garden, or perhaps from the sidewalk, I kinda think it matters. 😉

Piping and Recessed Zippers - this is probably my favorite aspect of these pillow covers. Well who doesn't love hidden #zippers? I mean we all do right cause there's nothing more awkward than being invited to sit back and relax to only be pricked in the back by a hard dangling zipper. So yeah hidden zippers are always the way to go (inside or out). Now that piping (OH. MY. GOLDEN SLIPPERS 👡) is the bomb dot com. Btw, does anyone say bomb dot com anymore? Any-who back to the #piping, I do realize piping is a matter or one's preference and can be considered a bit traditional and formal, but this boho-minimalist chic loves it. Perhaps it's because I grew up in the 70s when my parent's had white upholstered seating with green piping. Of course, they also had plastic covers so me and my sisters (who were never allowed in that room unless it was Christmas or Easter) wouldn't mess it up but again, I digress. Contrasting colored piping is that special touch that really gives the impression you're not looking at a general store pillow.

Low Maintenance and that right there my #Kubuni friends deserves a 5 star rating by itself. Most outdoor pillow covers have a season life of what? Maybe 1-2 seasons and after that they're headed straight to the landfill. These jewels however, are super #easy to #clean. Unzip and slip into your #washing machine (I use gentle, but they can handle a regular wash) then air dry and voila your pillow covers are clean and pristine. In addition, I can also speak to those times when I used a damp cloth to remove a stain or two and I was absolutely impressed with how well the fabric handled it - no pilling, no discoloration - just wipe one and done. And while these pillow covers are #durable, they're also surprisingly #soft. No kidding, but don't take my word for it. Buy, try and let me know what ya think but before you do here's one more thing you should know.

5. Style & Affordability It's so nice when you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. I mean it really does make #styling, #staging, #decorating or whatever the project much nicer. #Chinoiserie, #Greek Key, #Damask, and #Ikat are not typical prints you'll see on the market so the fact that they're made for outdoors elevates them well beyond the norm and rival some of it's more high-end #designer competition. On the other hand, the #affordability factor comes to play when you see a 4 piece pillow collection including two (4) 18" x 18" pillows for $49.99 or a 6 piece pillow collection including four (4) 18" x 18" and two (2) 12" x 20" pillows for less than $70.

Low in maintenance and high in #quality and #style, I think you'll agree #Hofdeco's affordable pillow covers offer you the aesthetics of a #luxury indoor pillow for all of your #outdoor #living spaces. Personal or professional I'd love to hear from you, and certainly share your favorite outdoor pillow cover source. 😊

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