Outdoor Pillow Covers You'll Want to Use Inside

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

So pretty you won't believe they're outdoor pillow covers, get ready to decorate your front porch, patio, deck or lanai in pillow covers that'll keep you in style and within budget.

Between us, I must confess I've been known to have a little pillow talk every now and then. Occasionally it's about something juicy and other times it's random stuff that my husband has absolutely no interest in, like pillow covers.

Fortunately, there's an entire community of us like-minded kubuni friends who, in our own corny way, find pillow talk fascinating. So of course I'm excited to share with you the skinny on these very pretty outdoor pillow covers that have both the quality and look of #custom pillows but not the price. However before I give up the deets, let me be clear about one thing.

I am not an ambassador, nor do I receive compensation or discounts from this or any company featured in my blogs. The opinions expressed here are truly my own and are based upon my own experiences with the product: good, bad or ugly.

Now with that out of the way, get your card ready to scan because I can promise you will want to buy these pillow covers made by Hofdeco and here's 5 reasons why: