A Ballard Design's Porch Swing Makeover

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

I'm pretty sure Duke Ellington had a different type of swing in mind when he wrote the classic "It Don't Mean a Thing" and if I recall correctly, it was an explanation as to why people weren't dancing to the music. Ironically, I think the same can be said about a porch. Let's face it, a porch is not a porch without a swing, and a swing is not a swing without a porch. Indeed, ask any highly respected southerner which came first: the porch or the swing, and you'll probably get a real strange look before they say "bless your heart, of course the swing did my dear." Naturally, I'm only kidding... about the response that is, but the significance of a southern porch with a swing can not be overstated.

With all of that said, this project started with our long and narrow porch that screamed for swings and so did my husband when I told him the average price of custom porch swing beds. Sadly he's not the handy man type and neither of us have ever made anything so DIY was a big capital NO GO. Plus in all fairness, we were up to our knees in dirt with overhauling our landscape at the time which left minimal resources and energy to start something new. However, I did have time to shop for swing beds 😉 and with a 20% off coupon code I did a swing of a different genre.To delete or edit an existing image or video in each post, click on the media to reveal a toolbar, which also allows you to customize the size and layout of your visuals.