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10 Inexpensive Console Tables for Long and Narrow Spaces

A quest to find extra long and narrow console tables for less than a thousand dollars can prove to be quite a difficult task, that is until now. Console tables, #sofa tables, hall tables or whatever you choose to call them, I've put it all on the table so you don't have to but before I do, take a look at the the dimensions for small, standard and long console tables.

Small Width: 42" or less Narrow Depth: 12" or less

Standard Width: 42" - 53" Standard Depth: 12" - 20"

Long Width: 53" to 75" Deep Depth: 20" +

Extra Long Width: 75" +

As you can see long consoles range between 53" to 75" but I think a long console should be considered at least a minimum of 72" so for the purpose of this article, the following consoles are 72" or more in length, 12" or less in depth and cost less than $1,000 dollars,

1. Ananda Console $700

Dimensions: 33"H X 81 1/2"W X 12"D

What I like most about Ananda is her style. She's got just the right amount of artisanal character without being too ornate which makes for a great investment piece for Home Stagers or anyone who likes to change things up a bit. I personally have two #ananda #console #tables in the Rustic Black over Brown finish and they compliment the brown oak finish #restorationhardware coffee table perfectly. Ananda also comes in a White finish that would style #coastal and #farmhouse spaces perfectly. The Rustic Black over Brown would look great in practically any style especially #Global, #Boho, #Asian and #Traditional. ❤️❤️❤️

2. Gracie Oaks Hassane Console, $799.99

Dimensions: 31'' H x 84'' W x 10'' D With the exception of four color finishes, the Hassane sofa table is as simple as it gets. Of course, a little goes a long way and Hassane fits this rule to a tee at 84" long and only 10" deep. I'm totally impressed at much it can do with so little. It's the perfect out of sight, out of mind sofa table. Plus, the good news is that you can get it in black, gray, light or dark brown.

Long and narrow console sofa table less than a thousand dollars

3. Ella Industrial Loft Console Table

Dimensions: 34’’ H x 84'' W x 12'' D

If MidCentury Modern is your style then #Skye is your console, and drum roll please... ladies and gentleman for less than $600 the price is right! Two shelves, a mixture of brown and black wood tones there's really no compromising here. You can absolutely have it all!

4. Curated Oslo Onyx Console Table $880

Dimensions: 80"W x 13"D x 32”H

Two-toned finish of the Oslo Console Table introduces an airy, mid-century aesthetic into spaces, featuring a long, narrow body supported by tall, stately bronzed legs.

5. Lindale Long Console $699

Dimensions: 33 1/4"H X 72"W X 12"D

I love #case goods with mixed textures, and Lindale's black iron base topped in a beautiful wood surface is an excellent marriage of the two. Visually unobtrusive with an aire of sophistication I'm confident she'll integrate into any style room quite nicely.

6. Bayonne $459.99

Dimensions: 34.5'' H x 72'' W x 13.87'' D

I Bayonne your pardon, this colonial style console is as pretty as a magnolia. 😉 Working drawers and a bottom shelf as long as the console means your table lamps and home accents have plenty of space.

7. Hekmann 74" $889.99

Dimensions: 32'' H x 74'' W x 10'' D

With 3 rows of fixed shelves this black console leaves plenty of footprint for passers by and plenty of room for books, decor and more.

8. Sanctuary by Hooker $909

Dimensions: 34" H x 72" W x 12" D

With almost the exact same dimensions and style as the Bayonne, the Sanctuary Console by Hooker is almost double the price but still within the threshold for this list. It comes in a beautiful Drift (pecan-like) color finish, a distressed Ebony finish and a distressed blue color, and like the Bayonne it has four working drawers. Are the colors worth double the price? I'll let you decide.

9. Vera Cruz Console Table $989

Dimensions: 30" H x 76.25" W x 10"

Uncompromising quality, if traditional is your style then this lovely console may be of serious interest to you. Vera Cruz has the kind of smooth texture you'll want to glide your hand across and a dark finish sure to compliment classic furnishings.

10. Graham Console Table $499

Dimensions: 70"W x 12"D x 31"H

Don't let the picture fool you, because the Graham comes in two sizes (50" and 70") and three color finishes: Black Walnut, Reclaimed Pine and Stone which is like a gray color giving you lots of options to choose from and we all like options.

See one you like or just want to take a closer look? No worries, I got ya' covered. Browse with confidence because there's a direct link to the source. 😉


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